Dark the Suns – All Ends in Silence


When I started to gravitate towards extreme metal, Dark the Suns was one of the first bands I came across. I loved their music, as it was very easy to listen to if you were new to gothic or doom metal, yet I never listened to any of their albums in full, partly because I couldn’t find them and partly because I was too lazy to look for them. Now a couple of years down the line, I’ve finally got myself ’round to listening to All Ends In Silence, arguably the pinnacle of the band’s career.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Finland
Worldwide Release: March 11th, 2009

01. Unbroken Silence
02. Everlasting
03. The Dead End
04. All Ends in Silence
05. Sleepless Angels
06. Cold Dawn
07. Rimed with Frost
08. The Rain
09. Guardians
10. Gone
Total Playing Time: 44:49



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