Deadlock – Wolves


Nonetheless, this German band is quite enjoyable, for the simple fact that it takes all these ingredients over-the-top.  Swedish melodeath?  Let’s shred more than the last three Soilwork albums put together!  Screamed verses?  Let’s start off with a so-unnecessary-it’s-awesome “Come on, motherfuckers!” (with a slight accent, of course).  Sung vocal choruses?  Let’s skip the girl pants and have an actual woman sing the hooks, R&B style!  Symphonic black metal?  Pshaw – I see your Dimmu Borgir and raise you techno chords and 1st person shooter soundtracks!

Review@Metal Injection

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: April 13th, 2007

1. World Domination 00:48 instrumental
2. We Shall All Bleed 06:05
3. Code of Honor 04:28
4. Losers’ Ballet 06:40
5. Dark Cell 04:25
6. Crown of Creation 04:52
7. End Begins 04:35
8. As Words to Bullets 03:44
9. Praeludium II 01:33 instrumental
10. Bloodpact 05:53
11. To Where the Skies Are Blue 03:50
Total playing time: 46:53

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