Cruachan – The Morrigan’s Call


First of all, the best thing about this album is the folk instruments. You have all kinds of different things cellos, flutes, and other things like that. They also throw in some keyboards. Cruachan execute the use of the folk instruments so well that if you close your eyes, you can imagine being right in the middle of Ireland in the middle of some kind of epic battle. Believe me this is a good thing. Cruchan has two vocalists, one female and one male. The female is the more dominant one on the album singing in a operatic like voice. She reminds me of Sarah from Cradle of Filth. The male has three different kinds of vocal styles. He has a singing voice, more of a deep shouting, and then the infamous black metal shrieks. He executes them all to perfection.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Ireland
Worldwide Release: November 17th, 2006

1.Shelob 03:05
2.The Brown Bull of Cooley 05:26
3.Coffin Ships 01:50
4.The Great Hunger 06:10
5.The Old Woman in the Woods 01:52
6.Ungoliant 03:56
7.The Morrigan’s Call 01:52
8.Teir Abhaile Riъ 04:16
9.Wolfe Tone 02:58
10.The Very Wild Rover 04:04
11.Cuchulainn 06:24
12.Diarmuid and Grainne 05:15
Total playing time: 47:08

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