Therion – Gothic Kabbalah


However what’s always puzzled me since this opus came out more than two years ago is this is often the main argument used by its detractors to justify a supposed (and totally imaginary) decrease in quality from our Swedish occultists. Instead let’s face it: this was the cleverest way to go. Lemuria/Sirius B had featured a whole symphonic orchestra, extended choirs, various novel instruments such as mandolins and balalaikas, and of course what had been the culmination of everything, the famous wow they even used a real church organ! thing.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 5.0/5.0
Origin: Sweden
Worldwide Release: January 12th, 2007

01. Der Mitternachtslowe 05:38
02. The Gothic Kabbalah 04:32
03. The Perrennial Sophia 04:53
04. Wisdom and the Cage 05:13
05. Son of the Staves of Time 05:10
06. Tuna 1613 04:21
07. Trul 05:11
08. Close Up the Streams 03:55

01. Wand of Abaris 05:50
02. Three Treasures 05:30
03. The Path to Arcady 03:53
04. TOF – The Trinity 06:17
05. Chain of Minerva 05:28
06. The Falling Stone 04:50
07. Adulruna Rediviva 14:36
Total playing time: 85:17

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