Magni Animi Viri – Heroes Temporis


Ten years after the first Italian release, Magni Animi Viri are back with Heroes Temporis World Edition, the English version of their rock opera featuring two of the main figures in the international hard rock landscape: Russell Allen and Amanda Somerville. With them, in the part of the narrator, Clive Riche. And this release also has a charitable aim: all the profits from the sales will be donated for the creation of a ward specifically dedicated to autistic children, in a clinic in Italy.

Review@House of Prog

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Italy
Worldwide Release: 2016

01. Soundtrack
02. Heroes
03. Temporis
04. Intus – Until
05. Troughts
06. Never Again
07. Desertsoul
08. I’d Like
09. Like the Hawk
10. Moon Peace
11. Crystalize
12. Fortis
13. Without Breath
14. Outro
Total playing time: 1:00:52



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