In Vain – The Latter Rain


There is a point in some bands careers where I feel that they truly pass by any genre foundations. Opeth reached it straight away, Edge of Sanity reached it with Crimson, Disillusion reached it with Back To Times of Splendor and In Vain have reached it with The Latter Rain. To reach this point (at least in my mind) said bands don’t need to be crazily articulate or madly random, no, they just need to really have their own style, their own sound and their own way of going about things. They just have to be unique in their execution, this is something I feel In Vain are, unique.

Review@Sputnik Music

Rating: 5.0/5.0
Origin: Norway
Worldwide Release: March 29th, 2007

1.    The Latter Rain    01:45
2.    In the Midnight Hour    09:41
3.    Det Rakner!    08:27
4.    October´s Monody    06:33
5.    Their Spirits Ride with the Wind    08:47
6.    I Total Triumf    06:04
7.    The Titan    07:09
8.    As I Wither    07:39
9.    Morning Sun    02:20
10.    Sorgenfri    06:33
Total playing time: 01:04:58

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