Steignyr – The Prophecy Of The Highlands



Since the very beginning ‘The Prophecy of the Highlands’ makes you wanna get up and dance ’cause it is soo groovy! Let us take the intro first. Starting with a calm flute, for the next minute ‘The Valley of Dragons’ builds up with consecutive instruments being added. Then the rhythm is doubled with the melody of gaita and the drums come marching in shortly after that with the beat that makes you intantly grow a beard and go berserk (the music is celtic not viking but this is exactly what comes to mind).

Review@Folk Metal Magazine

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Spain
Worldwide Release: March 28th, 2016

01. The Valley of Dragons 02:35
02. Sons of Earth 04:43
03. Wild Land 04:31
04. The Last Era 04:49
05. Wolf’s Lair 02:59
06. Hammer of Agony 03:48
07. The Prophecy of the Highlands 05:11
08. Immortal Whisper 02:07
09. The Warrior’s Path 03:43
10. Awakening of Revenge 05:16
11. Spirit of Victory 05:40
12. The Grave of Heroes 04:27
Total playing time: 49:49

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