Slice The Cake – Odyssey To The West



It wasn’t exactly a surprise to learn that Brighton’s next-best export was rocking such a dubious moniker, relative to the progressive, blackened death metal they play. It seems the sarcasm of the Brits doesn’t translate well to band names, but fortunately for Slice the Cake, Odyssey to the West is almost intriguing enough to make you forget their absurd handle. However, “almost” doesn’t cut the mustard; this album is a ferociously large slice of cake. While there may be enough music here to fill half a dozen grind albums, the band make great use of a multitude of genres to keep things sounding fresh. Lead by a careening vocal performance, this proggy epic’s procedural unfolding is quite extraordinary to behold.

Review@Sputnik Music

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Sweden
Worldwide Release: April 1st, 2016

01. The Exile Part I – The Razor’s Edge 04:14
02. The Exile Part II – The City of Destruction 05:24
03. Stone and Silver Part I – The Mountains of Man 08:16
04. Stone and Silver Part II – The Horned God 02:32
05. Stone and Silver Part III – The Man of Papyrus Limbs 05:44
06. Westward Bound Part I – The Lantern 06:15
07. Westward Bound Part II – The Pilgrim’s Progress 04:04
08. Castle in the Sky Part II – Pieces of Ruins 04:50
09. Unending Waltz 05:16
10. Ash and Rust Part I – From Shell to Shell 02:22
11. Ash and Rust Part II – The Dark Carnival 06:10
12. Ash and Rust Part III – The Torn Thread 05:03
13. Ash and Rust Part IV – Nameless, Faceless 02:50
14. Destiny’s Fool 05:34
15. The Holy Mountain 08:35
Total playing time: 1:17:09

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