Beyond The Black – Lost in Forever



The stylistic divide between this album and its predecessor is non-existent, and there is only an ever so slightly uptick in ambitiousness, resulting in songs that are somewhat wider in scope and equipped with more moving parts, but still completely tied in with a streamlined, catchy, chorus-oriented songwriting approach. The chief draw remains lead vocalist Jennifer Haben, who’s Sharon Den Adel meets Pilar Garcia voice proves more than capable of handling the duality of triumphant, semi-operatic bombast with a softer, more crooning demeanor, which works very well on songs where balladry and harder edged metallic elements are mixed together as on “Halo Of The Dark” and “Beautiful Lies”, the latter also happening to feature the glorified Coverdale inspired grit of Rick Altzi, known for his contributions to At Vance, Masterplan and Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: February 12th, 2016

01. Lost in Forever 04:48
02. Beautiful Lies 04:09
03. Written in Blood 04:21
04. Against the World 04:06
05. Beyond the Mirror 04:15
06. Halo of the Dark 04:21
07. Dies Irae 04:02
08. Forget My Name 06:05
09. Burning in Flames 04:15
10. Nevermore 04:18
11. Shine and Shade 06:14
12. Heaven in Hell 04:27
13. Love’s a Burden 03:41
Total playing time: 59:02

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