Mistur – In Memoriam



Be it the bank statement, the plot of land, the meal size, the “bigger is better” mindset seems to be undeniably welcomed in certain cultures, North America being no exception. Mistur of Norway may have adopted a similar slogan for the writing of In Memoriam, because their adventurous sound is aggressively huge here. There is little compromise; beautiful serenity captured in 2009’s Attende is ever present, but In Memoriam‘s structure and ominous undertones feel substantially weightier than the band’s last release.

Review@Sputnik Music

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Norway
Worldwide Release: April 29th, 2016

01. Downfall 07:15
02. Distant Peaks 07:17
03. Firstborn Son 09:59
04. Matriarch’s Lament 08:23
05. The Sight 10:59
06. Tears of Remembrance 11:18
Total playing time: 55:11

Bandcamp / Facebook / Official Website / YouTube


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